We just can’t get enough of Wapuu so, of course, we had to create WordCamp Philly Wapuus for 2017!

We’re proud to introduce the four new Wapuus appropriately costumed for our October event (as you should be) holding various Philly icons of food, art, history, and music:

Frankenpuu loves cheesesteaks and so do we. Being electrocuted back to life really brings on the hunger and Philly’s famous cheesesteaks really hit the spot!


Mummypuu is a cuddler. When you’ve been entombed as long as Mummypuu has you wouldn’t want to let go either! That’s why Mummypuu embraces this pumpkin engraved with Robert Indiana’s Love Statue. Stop by Dilworth Plaza to see the real deal and experience the Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.


Vampuu has seen history unfold first-hand and holds his favorite piece, the Liberty Bell. Grab a glimpse of the past at the Liberty Bell Center. Apologies, no ringing the bell.


Piratepuu embodies the essence of the Philly spirit. Showcasing a classic boombox with Philly’s own, The Roots, Piratepuu is always ready for a block party.


If you’re asking yourself, “what the heck is a Wapuu?”, you can read all about how Wapuu came about here and then promptly fall in love like the rest of us.

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