WordCamp Philly 2017 Will Have a Happiness Bar!

“Happiness sounds good”, you say, “but what IS a Happiness Bar?”

The Happiness Bar is a Help Desk – where some wonderful volunteers from the WordPress community are ready to help you troubleshoot your WordPress problems, answer questions and point you to resources you can use after WordCamp Philly.

Perhaps you have been trying to center an image, or can’t get a filter to work, or want some advice on the best plugin to use for a particular function. Whether you’re just getting started or are more experienced, the Happiness Bar will be there for you at WordCamp Philly 2017!

The volunteers have a variety of skills and provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can feel comfortable asking your questions. Even if they can’t fix your specific problem, they can point you in the right direction. (Of course, they can’t redesign your site or repair one that has deep-seated problems.)

Here are a few tips to get the most from the Happiness Bar:

  • Before you go, have your user names and passwords handy and be sure they work. (WordPress login, hosting login, FTP info.) And be sure that your website is backed up!
  • If you are seeing an error message, copy it and paste it into a plain text file if you can, prior to going to the Happiness Bar.
  • Be as specific as possible. Ask “How can I make this headline align to the left?” rather than “I can’t get my website to look right.”
  • Be considerate. Help others get the most from the Happiness Bar by not monopolizing the volunteer’s time, especially if many people are waiting for help.
  • Tell the volunteer whether your website is on wordpress.com or is a self hosted site that was made from the software downloaded from wordpress.org.

By the way – I have no idea why it’s called The Happiness Bar. But I do know that you’ll be happier after you go!

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