WordCamps Are for Everyone!

WordPress wants you and we would love for you to experience WordCamp Philly!

I am a Graphic Designer who is currently balancing re-launching my career while raising two children after about a decade of being mostly Mom, CEO of Life. WordPress sort of fell across my lap a few years ago and I was hooked. I LOVED WordPress and wanted to dig deeper but was terrified to show my face at an actual event.

I was scared that I would be laughed at because I was away from the “workforce” for so long. I was embarrassed to admit that I didn’t have any projects that I was working on. I was ashamed because I felt that my knowledge level wasn’t up to par. I was worried about not having anything interesting to express or be able to comment intelligently enough on WordPress.

I bit the bullet and started to attend some WordPress meetups and realized that the people attending were just like me and if they weren’t in the same boat as me then they were pumped about helping people like me. The community was very welcoming but I was still skeptical due to my own insecurities.

Then in 2015 I went big and volunteered at WordCamp US, my skepticism was finally squashed for good. It totally didn’t matter what “level” I was. It so didn’t matter that I wasn’t as “techie” as some of the people attending and volunteering. It didn’t matter that I was older and a mother of two. In fact, there were attendees and volunteers there with their kids!

All are welcome. Experience Wordcamp Philly. Get inspired. Gain an awesome community.

The ONLY thing that mattered was that I was enthusiastic about learning, that I was willing to help, and that I was open and compassionate to my fellow volunteers and attendees.

There are innumerable ways to access WordPress at all levels and WordCamps are no different. We have four tracks: Developer, Designer, Business/Freelance, and WordPress 101. Within each track, we’ll have speakers presenting on subject matter that will range from Novice, to Intermediate, to Advanced. There is literally something for everyone at WordCamp Philly.

There’s also the all important and completely unofficial “Hallway Track” where a plethora of magic happens. This is the energized space before, in-between, and after sessions where you can make new friends, find your next project collaboration, get inspired by a totally radical idea, and grow your community. WordCamps are full of people who are jazzed about not only WordPress, but what you are doing and dreaming of doing.

I found my community and I’m more than stoked to share it. Join us at WordCamp Philly because we can’t wait to see you.